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Today, the application of technology in production of all fields plays a decisive role for the development of our country in general and of the company in particular. Therefore, in all construction works, the usage of film-faced plywood is extremely necessary; it helps to increase the aesthetics, save costs, increase economic efficiency, and help users rest assure.

Minh Long Plywood Commercial Service Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the top 3 leading companies in the southern region. Along with the managing and technical teams, who have many years of experience and are specialized in plywood production. To be able to produce export a good plywood product, we take prestige and quality to be the top priority.

Our company specializes in providing: film faced plywood; our key product is "film faced plywood with tiger logo". In addition, we also produce goods according to customer's requirements. We serve all customers, companies, contractors, for big and small construction works in Ho Chi Minh City area and neighboring provinces and the whole country.


Difference between plywood and multi-layer board

With the development of the times, there are more and more plates on the market, and the quality is getting higher and higher, such as multi-layer boards and plywood. These two kinds of plates are one of the commonly used materials for modern homes. They are all made of wood-based panels. Many people will confuse[...]

MDF VS Solid Wood Particle Board Which one do you prefer?

MDF is also called fiberboard. It is made by immersing wood, tree and other objects in water and then hot grinding, paving and hot pressing. It is based on lignocellulosic resin or other suitable fiber. Made of artificial boards. Because of its soft and impact resistance, high strength, uniform density after pressing, it is easy[...]

Our Products

  • film faced plywood
  • film faced plywood with tiger logo
  • film faced plywood red
  • 18mm film faced plywood
  • 15mm film faced plywood

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Minh Long Plywood Commercial Service Joint Stock Company
Address: No 26, D2 Street, Tang Nhon Phu A Ward, District 9, HCMC




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